What Does Patriarchal Mean?


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The word patriarchal is an adjective and it conveys the idea of a phenomenon in which men controlled every thing as all the power is vested in them. Given below is a sentence that can make the meaning of the term quiet clear: Even the societies in the west are to some extent patriarchal and it left very little scope foe a women to grow. The above-mentioned sentence highlights that in a society that is dominated only by men it is very difficult for a woman to grow.

The word shares its root with various words and you can find the word paternal or patricide based on the same root and representing the phenomenon that is based on the word 'peter'. Paternal is a word that says something related to father and patricide says the killing of father and we can find the use of the other part 'cide' in various words like homicide and regicide.
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It means that wall I don't no plz can you say in a more wall understanding way plz thank you :)

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