What Does Everett Mean?


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Everett could be used as a name or a surname. Generally, Everett is used as a boy's name. It is pronounced as EV-er-et. This name has its origin in Old English. 'Strong boar' or 'wild boar' is the generally accepted meaning of Everett which is derived from Old German phrase 'eofor'. But, this word eofor is corruption of Ebor. The Anglo-Saxon people confused the pronunciation of Ebor for Eofor. In Ancient English, Ebor meant Yew tree.

The surname is derived from Everard. In the nineteenth century, Everett was in use as a given name. Example: Everett Dirksen and a British actor Rupert Everett. But, Everett is popularly used as a first name. In the 1990 census of United States of America, 261 males used this name from among 1219 males of all age groups.
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The name Everett is a masculine name. It has been in use mostly in English. It had been derived from the name Everard.

One of the famous personalities with the name Everett is Jeffery Adam Everett. He was born in Austell in Georgia. He is a famous American baseball player. He started his career at the college level. He was in the North Carolina State University. He was then transferred to the University of South Carolina. He was also drafted in the 1998 major league draft of 1998 in the first round. He established himself as the starting shortstop in 2003 for the Houston Astros.

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