What Does Petit Mean?


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The word petit is used as an adjective to convey the idea of something that is very small or minor. But this word is not being used very popularly and the synonymous term that we use today to convey the same idea is petty.

Though the word is seldom being used independently, you can find its use in association with bourgeois; the term is petit bourgeois. The word is used for a member of lower middle class in any society and especially you can use the word for a kind of person who thinks that money and social position are the only parameters for a person's importance. The word is almost always being used as a disapproving term and it is not advisable to you to use it for even the kind of person above describe as it can sour your relation with the person.
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It is used in the fashion world as petite,as I am a model when we refuse to take someone into the fashion world its usually because they are too petite for us, petite means in the fashion world too small for our clothes range,
if your petite you could be smaller then 5ft4.

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