Which Girls' Names Mean 'Laughter'?


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Risa is the Latin word for 'laughter' and, whilst this might not be a very common name in itself, some names do include the word, risa.

Examples include Marisa, Reesa, Riesa.

Alternatively, you might want to use the word for 'laughter' in another language (for example Rire in French).

Girls' names that mean laughter
If you're looking for a name for your cheerful little baby, then maybe you should look at the translation of the word 'laughter' in different languages.

In Swedish, the word Skratt is used to describe laughter (might make a cute nickname, but I'm not sure about actually calling your baby that, though!).

Nauru is the Finnish word for laughter, and sounds a really sweet name for a baby girl. Nevetés is the Hungarian translation of laughter, and is another great option, in my opinion.

As far as names that are commonly-used go, I don't think there are very many that directly translate to the word 'laughter'.

However, I'd recommend you check out baby-naming websites like SheKnows.com for other good ideas!
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The names which mean laughter are:

Risa – Latin – Laughter
Gelasia – Greek – Predisposed to laughter
Teshi – African – Cheerful, full of laughter

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