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The word "nook" essentially means hideaway or secluded area. Many people install a breakfast nook into their kitchen as a separate area from their dining table. A breakfast nook is often slightly secluded compared to the rest of the room. Some people install a nook as a loft-like area in a room. Usually, they make a platform and have steps or a ladder as a method for reaching the nook. It takes some effort to get to the nook because of the ladder or stairs, but once a person is there, it is a place of comfort and tranquillity. A nook adds a bit of style and cosiness to a room.

The nook is often a comfortable place to read or have a conversation with someone. Parents enjoy creating a nook for their child's bedroom because it provides a secluded area for the child to play or read without being a barrier for the parents to monitor the child closely. Teachers sometimes have a reading nook in their classroom for this same reason. It is created to provide an area that is inside a room, but still secluded from everything else within the room. Nook can also be used to describe a corner or locker area. The term "nook and cranny" is now a cliché.

The word "nook" has now been used as a name for an e-reader device. The Nook is a Barnes and Noble product that is similar to a kindle, but is available in colour with different features. Barnes and Noble probably chose the word "nook" because of its connotations as a secluded place with escapist overtones. The marketing idea behind this is to convey to the customer that the nook will allow them to escape to a private place while they are reading e-books. It also conveys comfort and relaxation.
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The word nook is a noun and you can use the word for a kind of place or corner that is small and absolutely quiet. The place is usually sheltered and most of the times it is hidden from other people. The following sentence can make you understand the word well: He always hides himself at some shady nook in his garden and nobody is able to find him.

Though the word has above-mentioned meaning but seldom can you hear the word this way; most of the times the word is used as a part of an idiom. The idiom is 'every nook and cranny' and you can use the idiom to describe every part of a place or even you can use it to say something about every aspect of a situation.
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It means a nookie

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