What Does Naphtali Mean In English?


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The word Naphtali is of Hebrew origin and the meaning it conveys is that of wrestling. The word is usually used as a male given name and in the Old Testament the name was attributed to the son of Jacob by Bilhah, the servant of Rachel.

It was Naphtali who is considered as the ancestor of one of the twelve tribes of Israel but as an individual very little is known about him. It is believed that when Jacob went to Egypt Naphtali had four sons and that was the origin of the tribe of Naphtali.

The name is given to a person who struggles or fights and all these meanings have their derivation in the Hebrew meaning and you can find the name used in biblical context usually.
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The name Naphtali is basically a boy's name and is considered to be a variant Naftali. IIt is a Hebrew origin and it literally means "wrestling".

Naphtali also refers to the sixth son of Jacob. He was also the founder of the tribe who belong to the tribe of Naphtali. This was first mentioned in the Book of Genesis and is also very well described in the Hebrew bible.

According to some sources Naphtali was born to his real biological mother Bilhah, but at the end Rachel considered him to be her son and she said "I have had a great struggle with my sister, and I have won" (Genesis 30:8, NIV). It was from here that the name came into existence and came to be known as "my wrestling."

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