What Does Ephemeral Mean?


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Ephemeral can be defined as any organism that has a short life span. It is commonly used to refer to those organisms that were seasonal and usually grow in winter. It is alternatively defined as episodic or anything that has a short duration. It may also refer to a watercourse that does not flow continually.

An ephemeral water body is any water body like a creek or a stream, river, lake or pond that only flows for a few days. It is usually follows rain or melting snow. Some examples of ephemeral water bodies are the Lake Talak in Niger, the River Ugab in South Africa, the Lake Carnegie in Australia and the Lake Cowal which in New South Wales.

When used in relation to people the adjective ephemeral denotes a person who is fast losing importance. It is even used while describing the feeling that people experience when they urgently require replenishment.

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