What Does Leviticus Mean?


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Leviticus is the name of a book of the Bible. The Leviticus is the third of the five books of the Law attributed by custom to Moses. It is essentially a compilation of liturgical legislation, with respect to rules for the Levitical priests. This was brought into the canonical series instantaneously following the institution of public worship at the finish of the Exodus.

It includes many kinds of laws, on sacrifice, on installation of priests as well as purity. The only narrated event in the book is the ruin of the sons of Aaron, Nadab and Abihu.

Something that is pointed out by the book is that the demands of God seep into every facet in the life of Israelites. It mentions that God has kindly agreed to live amongst his people and has given the levitical priest as intermediaries.
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The book of Leviticus is about the duties of the Levites. Therefore, Leviticus means "pertaining to the Levites."

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