What Does Harassment Mean?


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According to, harassment can be defined as:

- To irritate or torment persistently
- To wear out and/or exhaust
- To impede and exhaust (an enemy) by persistent raids or attacks

In its most common usage in the present day, the term harassment tends to refer to the persistent torment and abuse of another person. It is a type of behaviour that has the specific intention of disturbing or upsetting the person in question. In a legal sense, harassment is generally defined as intentional behaviour which is deemed to be threatening or disturbing. Confusion arises because the word harassment exists in both common English and in a legal sense - the definitions are not identical.

Broad categories of harassment that exist in law are:

- Legal harassment - legal actions against an individual or another group
- Sexual harassment - this has a much stricter definition in the workplace
- Verbal harassment - commonly considered to be the most complicated form to deal with
- Psychological harassment - making repetitive unprovoked intrusions or interruptions
- Group psychological harassment
- Hate speech - comments expressing or encourage hate towards a particular group

In the United States, Congress passed Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act in 1964. It prohibited discrimination at work on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin or sex. This would later become the legal basis for early harassment law.
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Harassment mean somebody keep bothering you for unwanted something  .like I hv experience of this thing.I got harass from my family member ,the guy was sending me unwanted dirty and normal text message and unwanted phone call that I this is harassment.he was trying to control my life .so this is a big harassment .harassment means when we don't want something from someone nd another person trying to give us and that person don't want to stop until he or she give us .in short words someone keep trying to bother us for no reason is harassment.
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Harassment can be described as persistent, unwanted annoyance toward another person. It refers to unsolicited words or actions which have the effect of annoying, alarming or abusing another person. Name-calling is a common form of harassment. Thus it is any form of unwanted and deliberate offensive behaviour. It can be physical or mental in nature. Harassment causes significant emotional distress in that person and serves no purpose.

Harassment in any form is illegal and people have a right o report such behaviour to the law authorities and complain against the perpetuator of the harassment.
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I have an old friend who is harassing me. She got a gang and beats my (new) friends up. We all tell her that she's just jealous, and tell her to leave us alone. SHE DOES NOT LISTEN! She thinks that we are her friend and we tell her each year at least once WE AREN'T!
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Someone who worked for me has turned me into the labor board & lost. His wife has called trying to get information from me , now he has filed for unemployment, in which now unemployment is pestering me. This x employee just wont stop. Is this a form of harassment. It has caused a great deal of stress to me.

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