What Does Culminating Mean?


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It refers to the final outcome of a process or series of events. For example, one might say:
"His persistent overspending culminated in bankruptcy."
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The word "culminating" is the adjective form of the verb "culminate". It means something like "constituting or of a climax". It can be better understood by the synonyms climatic, peak and crowning.

The verb "culminate" means to reach the highest degree or point of something, much like climax or to come to the completion of something. The word is believed to be derived from the Latin word "culminare" meaning "summit" and has Indo-Eiuropean roots.

Words that to some extent convey the meaning of the word include to terminate or to end, to crown or top, to cease, finish or stop, to achieve, accomplish, arrive at, reach, gain, form etc.

Culminate can be used in a number of ways in sentences;
It was the result of their hatred, years of bitterness and loathing that culminated in one killing the other.

In astronomy culminate is used to describe or refer to the highest point that is reached above the observer's horizon.
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A corrupt person who has been exploiting the public for years, finallythe public took the matter , police involved and he was arrested, thus his bad deed was culminated.

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