What Does Funk Mean?


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The term funk means cowering fear or being in a state of great fear or terror. Funk is even an African American musical mode. It initially cropped up during the 1960s with artists like James brown, Sly and the Family stone as well as The Meters, and appeared as a separate genre by the 1970s.

Funk music is basically typified by extremely syncopated, danceable rhythms with importance given heavily to the initial beat of every measure, prominent bass lines, a distinctive, razor-sharp form of rhythm guitar, chanted or hollered vocals in the form of soul music.

Funk can without doubt be said to influence contemporary style of music like punk rock and hip hop. Funk music was also a key influence for the growth of disco and over the period of years for hip hop music even.
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In conjunction with Memo's answer (and a non-dictionary version), funk is also a colloquialism for stink, or a stench.
e.g. "This milk smells funky" or "There's a funk coming from your feet".

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