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The name Felix comes from the Latin tongue and means happiness, prosperous or gay. It is pronounced as Feel-iks. The name has a number of variants including Fee, Felic, Feliks, Felyx, Felice, Felicio, Felciano etc.

Nearly eight different saints bear the name including Felix of Girona, Felix of Cantalica, Felix of Cornwall, Felix of Valois, Felix of Nola etc. Four popes Felix the first, second, third and fourth were called Felix as well.

Perhaps the most famous Felix however is the cartoon comic strip character Felix the Cat. The cartoon gained popularity after 1922 onwards. It is not clear who created the character as both Pat Sullivan a film entrepreneur and Otto Messmer an American animator claim to have done so. The cat is supposed to have been the first character of animation to have a distinct personality and the ability to draw crowds for his sake alone or star power.
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Means the moon and in greece
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Does NOT mean the moon. And is not Greek. "Moon" in Greek is Selene, which is nothing like "Felix". "Felix" means "happy" in Latin.
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It is Latin for lucky
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My 1st name is Felix
I heard its a latin name
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Sorry non of the above is the latin name of the jewish name Baruch, which means blessed, also in Jews of north african descends is written as Barouch,

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