What Does Beauty Mean?


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Beauty is a quality or a feature that is pleasing to the senses, especially to the eye. With regards to mean and women, beauty is a largely superficial aspect; a beautiful woman generally has a face that conforms to universally accepted norms of beauty in terms of structure and quality. Still, the old saying holds true, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

Beauty is a characteristic generally linked with an in-built and emotional insight into life's positive and significant areas related to things as we perceive them. For example, happiness, love etc. When one sees beauty in something, it means that he interprets things to be in equilibrium and in accord with the natural world, which leads to a feeling of pleasure and happiness.
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When reffered to a girl/women it means she has beautiful face and figure and that she has inner beauty just like in 'beauty and beast'. Bella looked beautiful, liked books and learning and that was her intelligent side, was loving to her father and to the beast. She had put aside her judgements and treated the beast with kindness and compassion and ultimately was able to turn around the beast life. He fell in love with her for the woman she was, her whole package.

To be a beauty you would need to be good- looking, be intelligent, kind and be compassionate to people around you. And be mysterious because bella (in beauty and the beast) was and she drove the most good looking man in the village wild.

A thing of beauty is something that appeals to the emotions and makes you apprecaite it. So anything could be beautiful.
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Pleasing to the eye.
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 It means the appearance and more important the internal temperament, as well as cultural enrichment, etc.

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