What Is The Meaning Of Oneka?


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While there is no official consensus on the same, the name "oneka" is thought to mean "mindchanger". However, it apparently holds multiple meanings. It is also thought to have its origins in the Dakota word "onakan" which would mean "striking the rice right into the canoe."

In fact there is a school by the name of Oneka Elementary located in the city of Hugo, falling under White Bear Lake area which is situated in Minnesota, United States of America. The region where this new school is to be built comes under the area once called Oneka Township. In fact, the lake known as Oneka Lake can be found only a few miles away well within the limits of the city of Hugo.

There is also a listed ship of the United States navy that goes by the name of USS Oneka (YN-35/YNT-3/YTB-729).

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