What Does Deceived Mean?


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Deceived is a past tense of the verb deceive. The word deceive has its origin in Latin (Vulgar Latin). It is derived from the word dēcipēre which means to ensnare. Decipere is formed by dē + capere (to seize). Later, it was taken into Old Frech as dececeir and then into Middle English as deceiven. When someone deceives someone else, he leads the other person to believe something which is not true. And, the other person is said to be deceived by the former. It also had an archaic use and is used to mean 'to catch by guile or ensnare'.

When something deceives, it gives a false impression. Example: appearances deceive. Someone is said to be deceived when he misinterprets the truth. Double-crossed, duped, fooled, misled, tricked, conned, deluded, jerked around, bearded, ill-advised, confused, confounded are some words that could be used to mean deceived.

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