What Does Haptic Mean?


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Haptic is a word originated from the Greek language and it means "to touch" or pertaining to the sense of touch. The fetus develops or gets the sense of touch before anything else. This development or the infant's haptic sense is a subject of deep study and research. It is related to four types of sensory neurons or mechanoreceptors. The capabilities of haptic sense are believed to be grossly understated and many believe that it has a lot of potential. It would be a big catastrophe if people lost their sense of touch. This situation would make it impossible for people to feel anything and thus they wouldn't be able to hold or retain anything.

A new technology called haptic technology is being developed. This promises to be an emerging technology and have wide reaching implications. This technology intends to interface the user through the sense of touch by applying forces, vibrations and motions of the user. The modern aircraft and servo systems are example of haptic devices.

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