What Does Bless Mean?


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Bless is a verb that has several alternate meanings. It means to sanctify or make holy through some form of religious ritual or rite. To bless is also to invoke divine favour on someone or something. It could also mean honouring something as holy or glorifying it like 'Bless the Lord". It could mean conferring well being and prosperity on someone or something. It could also mean the endowment of something like for instance talent for instance "he was endowed with great intelligence".

It also means to make something holy by performing the 'sign of the cross' on it. The sign of the cross means holding one's left hand over one's heart while touching one's right hand first on the forehead then on the stomach, then to the left shoulder and lastly on the right shoulder. It symbolizes the Father, Son and Holy Spirit the trinity in Christianity.

'Bless you' is also a common idiom which is usually after someone sneezes.

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