What Does Godspeed Mean?


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The word 'Godspeed' is a noun and it simply means good fortune or success. The word is mostly used when you are wishing a person a good luck when he is starting a new venture or about to begin a journey.

The word has been taken from the linguistic era the Middle English and the term then in use was 'god spede (you)' and the meaning it conveys is that of 'may god prosper (you)'.

There are several words you can find that are formed because of the conjugation of the word 'god' with some other word. Some of the examples are following: godfather, God-fearing, godforsaken, God-given, godhead, godless, godly, godmother, godparent and godsend. These words are in existence because most of the people on earth believe in the existence of god and forming a word with the word 'god' as a part is an acceptable phenomenon.

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