What Does Bis Mean?


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Bis as term suggest a prefix or suffix used before many words in various terminologies. Generally, it means two. In Musical field, it is used to mean twice or again. Thus, to repeat a passage they use bis. This word can also be used as an interjection and its use requests and additional performance by the performer in musical or any other presentations. 'Bis' as a prefix is used in Chemical nomenclature.

'Bis' as a suffix is used to denote 'second version' or revision of something or revision of a standard. Example: 'V.32 bis' modern standard. The sexual orientation of a person or any living organism that denotes the romantic, sexual or aesthetic inclination of such individuals for the individuals of either sex is called bisexuality. This term is often shortened to BIs. Other example of bis can be: Bis band which is Scottish rock bad; Bis Japanese band and BIs magazine (Kobunsha teen's magazine, Japan).

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