What Does Dredge Mean?


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The word dredge has its origin in Old English and it stems from the word dragan. Dragan means to draw. It was then adapted into Middle English as dreg which meant boat or boat for dredging. Dredge cab be used as a noun as well as a verb. Dredge is a boat or barge which has a dredge. It is a machine commonly used to deepen harbours and waterways and also in underwater mining. It makes use of scooping and suction devices. An implement which consists of a frame with net and is used to gather shell fish is also called dredge.

As a verb, it means to clean or to deepen or widen using a dredge. Using such a device like dredge is also known as dredge. For example: dredging for alluvial gold.It could also mean to bring up something with a dredge. For example: they dredged up the silt. Figuratively, dredge could mean to come up with or unveil something. For example: dredged up bitter memoirs.

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