What Does The Name Blackfoot Mean?


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The name Blackfoot is generally used as a last name. This name is not used as a male or female name. The surname Blackfoot has its origin in English. as an English surname it does not have any meaning. Balckforde, Blackford, Blakeford, and Blakford are variants of the name Blackfoot. The people of the Blackfoot family were found in Somerset, England. Later, some people settled in Virginia, Charleston S.C., Barnstable and Cape Cod.

As another word the name Blackfoot refers to the Blackfoot tribe, but this tribe does not show any relation to the English surname Blackfoot. Blackfoot is derived from the word 'siksik√°'. 'Sik' means black and 'ika' means foot. The person who belongs to this tribe is also called Blackfoot. Probably, the moccasins that the people of prairie used to wear turned black due to their journeys or walks alongside fires.
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There was a mythology of a great chief of a wandering plains tribe. He had three sons. Two were brave hunters and warriors and the third was afraid to hunt or fight. The third son came to the chief and asked for "spiritual medicine" to make him strong 'fore he hated to go around dressed as a woman which was his lot for being afraid. The great chief told him that he would lead the greatest of tribes and be a brave warrior. He gave his third son his own chieftain's bonnet then took charcoal and rubbed it on his feet to mark him as special. He called all his tribe together and declared that he had given his third son a new identity. From then on he would be Six-se-ka-quon (Blackfoot) and the chief of all the people and that he had made him the greatest of hunters and warriors. Out of respect for his first two sons, he divided the tribe into three tribes. Each son would be chief over one of the tribes. The sign of the Blackfoot would be the crow foot.

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