What Does Downy Mean?


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The adjective ''downy' is obtained from the word 'down'. Down has its origin in Old English and is taken from the word dūne or dūn. Dūn or dūne mens hill. Dūne was used to mean downwards. Down is soft, feathery or silky substance. When something is described as downy, then it is said to be covered or made of down. A thing which is downy quietly soothing is referred to as downy. Something which resembles down is also known as downy.

For example: a baby's downy hair. In this sentence downy is used to express the property of down. Thus, it indicates that the baby has soft hair like the feathers. Thus, downy could also mean soft. Another example: downy milkweed seeds. In this sentence, downy represents quality of seeds. Downy expresses that the seeds are covered with soft hair or down.

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