What Does The Name Clem Mean?


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In its short form this is both a boy's and a girl's name. The original boy's name is Clement or its medieval variant Clemence. Both come from the late Latin name Clemens or "merciful." Because of its meaning, it is often regarded as a religious name. The Puritans often translated it directly into English and used it as a girl's name, Mercy.

There are several feminine forms. Clemence can also be used as a girl's name (in the 1930s there was a best-selling female author – now little read – called Clemence Dane.) Better known is Clementine, originally French but popularly associated with the American song "My Darling Clementine." Another version is Clementina; both are often shortened to Clemmie, a pet form given to, among others, Winston Churchill's wife.

Other famous bearers of the name include former politician, writer and entertainer Clement Freud.

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