What Does Conscientious Mean?


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Conscientious means being characterised by great care and extreme effort like for example ' a conscientious student will never be afraid of exams'. It may entail scrupulous attention to details, painstaking meticulous research and dedicated application to the work assigned. It may alternatively be defined as in accordance to or guided by a strong sense of right and wrong like for instance 'It was a conscientious decision to separate wet and dry garbage'.

A conscientious objector is a person whose beliefs run contrary to those required with military service perhaps with any role in a particular war or in the armed forces. This will cause a conflict in case of conscription.

Conscientious is the adjective form of conscience. . It may be defined as the motivation that arises from the moral or ethical principles that may govern a person's thoughts or actions. It may also mean conformity to a person's own sense of correct behaviour for example 'Never deviate from the dictates of one's conscience'.
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It means that you are not a loud of sure type of person, you are always quiet, shy and unsure type of person

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