Do Welsh Surnames Ever Reflect Personal Characteristics.


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There are a number of names throughout the British Isles which reflect personal and physical characteristics.
If an individual had any striking characteristics or attributes these were frequenty reflected in given and nicknames.

These epithets were often added on , particularly within the patronomic naming systems.
Both men and women were given names according to their characteristics.
A man named Hywel, who had red hair might have been called Hywel Goch ( red-haired).
The Welsh surnames which are linked to personal characteristics are numerous.
. Welsh surnames could evolve from a personal characteristic or from that of a remembered ancestor.
Goch or Gough is the most common of these names - signifying red hair. It is likely that a distanct ancestor was known for their red hair and the memory carried on through the developed surname.
A tall person, would, for example have hir attached to their name
Bear in mind Welsh names are often 'mutated'.

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