What Does Hema Mean?

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The word 'Hema' can trace its origin in the Hindi language where it conveys the meaning of snow or the Himalayas. But some experts believe that the meaning of the word is 'Golden' which contradicts the previous meaning as even the colour of snow is white not golden.

Despite all these contradictions the name 'Hema' is a quite popular name for a girl child in India. Even one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood is known to the world with the same name. She is considered as one of the best actresses the Hindi film industry has ever produced and that may also the reason why people tend to give the name of their kids as Hema as people in India are crazy about Bollywood.

Sometimes the word is also used for an alternative to the prefix 'hemo' when the idea of blood needs to be conveyed.
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Perhaps the contradiction arose because of the variations of the name, which are similar, yet not the same:I. Hema means 'Gold'ii. Hima means 'Snow' iii. Heema means the 'Daughter of Snow' Generally, it is the name of a Hindu girl, but it is also used by Muslim boys, so the gender or religion does not appear to matter. Some people say it means 'Pure'.

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