Some Welsh Surnames Sound Welsh But Are They Really Of Welsh Origin?


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Many Welsh surnames names derive from English and other roots.
The name David became popular as a given name in the early Christian period in Wales when biblical names were popular. It was the name of the Welsh patron saint. In Welsh it is Dewydd, Dewi, Dafydd.It was also used as a patronomic surname, occassionaly changing into the surname Davies in some areas.
The surname Davies is often taken to be of English origin however it is derived from the given name David.
The name Bulkeley, found in Angelsey since pre- 1450 was that of one of the most powerful families in North Wales. The family originated in Cheshire, the name is now almost exclusive to Angelsey.
Another such name is Edwards which is Old English in origin. It became popular after the Norman conquest of Wales because of it's connections to saints and early kings.
There are many other examples.

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