What Does Chordata Mean?


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Chordata is a phylum that consists of Chordates, a group of animals that are characterised by the presence of notochord at some point of time in their life. But some scientist surged against this classification and they said that true qualification of Chordata should be pharyngeal pouches.

The group can be further divided into three subphyla called urochordata, cephalochordate and vertebrata.

Urochordata are the kind of species who have notochord at the stage of the development when they are larvae but after attaining adulthood you can not find notochord in their body. Cephalochordates are those who have notochord but these species do not have vertebrae in their body. In vertebrata the notochord is generally reduced and a dorsal hollow nerve chord is found which is surrounded by cartilaginous or bony vertebrae.

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