What Does Disrepair Mean?


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To be in a state of disrepair is to be in a condition where an object is badly in need of repairs. When the object is in an impaired or neglected state, it is said to be in disrepair. It is a combination of two words, the negative prefix this and repair, which, of course, means to mend or to restore (something) to a good working condition.

The word disrepair is believed to have originated sometime between the year 1790 and the year 1800. In other words, it is a word that probably originated in the last decade of the eighteenth century.

The synonyms for the phrase in a state of disrepair (when it is used as an adjective) are broken, busted, damaged, dead, decayed, decrepit, defunct, dilapidated, deteriorated, down, downtime, kaput, not functioning, worn out and wrecked. Disrepair as a noun is synonymous with breakage, collapse, decay, decrepitude, dilapidation and ruination. The antonyms of (in a state of) disrepair are fixed, mended, reconditioned and repaired.

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