What Does Dissident Mean?


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The word dissident is defined as dissenting or disagreeing. A dissident is a person who disagrees with the views of others or openly expresses his or her dissent. Dissent is characterised by a departure from the accepted set of beliefs or standards.
A dissenter is a person who dissents from or disagrees with some established policy that has been framed, which has existed for a long period of time. Dissenters are often known to give their critics some flimsy reason or attempt to justify their decisions in a manner which only they consider to be logical.

To be dissentient is to disagree with the views and opinions of others or to refute their claims. People tend to be dissentient when they are in a group. The dissentient group is usually in a minority, and they are constantly trying to disagree with the views and opinions of the majority of the group.

In the broadest sense, the definition of the word dissident is a person who actively opposes an established, long-standing and accepted opinion, point of view, policy or structure. The term is usually used in the context of political dissidents. Political dissidents usually voice their points of view or opinions against authoritarian regimes.

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