What Does Caress Mean?


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In its noun form caress means a form of gentle stroking. For example 'the cool breeze was a welcome caress' or 'She yearned for a mother's tender caress'. In its verb form to caress is to touch lightly in a caring manner. For instance 'He caressed her soft white cheek' or 'She had never been caressed so gently'. Alternatively it may also be defined as an affectionate touch or a gesture of love or fondness.

A caress is one of the many actions humans may indulge in as a part of physical intimacy. It is informal. It is a means of translating some form of emotion into action. A caress is therefore generally considered to be an extension of some sort of tender emotion like friendship, familiar affections or love. A caress is also part of the physical intimacy between couples and is an integral part of the lovemaking that may result from romance.
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