What Does Cynicism Mean?


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The word cynicism is defined as a cynical feeling of distrust. It is a negative feeling. The term cynicism was originally used to define the philosophy of a group of ancient Greeks called the Cynics. The founder of the Cynics was Antisthenes.

The word cynicism is, however, used in the modern-day context to describe the opinions of individuals who strongly believe (much to the dismay of the advocates of the positive thinkers of the world) that human behaviour is primarily motivated and strongly influenced by self-interest. These individuals, who are known as cynics, are reluctant to rely on positive attributes such as sincerity, the virtues of human beings and altruism. Altruism is synonymous with such concepts as unselfishness, self-sacrifice, humanity, selflessness and philanthropy.

Cynicism is defined as the belief that thinks in a negative way about people at large and the outcome of all events in general. Cynics disagree, dispute, disapprove and attempt to disprove everything that the world views as good human values.

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