What Does Cutaneous Mean?


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Cutaneous is a word that is defined as pertaining or concerning the skin. It refers to nerves or infections that are related to, exist on or affect the skin. In the fields of zootomy and dermatology, which are parts of the larger field of medical science, the skin is an organ of the body of a living organism. It belongs to the integumentary system of the body.

The skin comprises a layer of tissues. The layer of tissues that make up the skin of a living organism protect all the muscles and organs that lie beneath the skin. Some of the major functions of the skin are to insulate the skin, produce Vitamin D (which is an essential vitamin for the skin to retain its vitality), to have sensations or feelings and to excrete the waste products through sweating or perspiration.

Cutaneous is also one type of diphtheria. The symptoms of the disease known as cutaneous diphtheria are usually mild and may sometimes include spots or sores on the skin, which are yellow in colour and similar in appearance to those that characterise impetigo.

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