What Does Crozier Mean?


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Crozier is a name that is most widely used in Ireland. It is predominantly important and used in Ulster Province. The exact translation of the name is 'bearer of bishop's crook'. It could also mean 'of the cross at a monastery.' This name crozier is also used to denote 'seller of crosses' or 'someone who lived by a cross'. Crozier was a clan along the Scottish border. It was one of the boisterous and disorderly clans. They were said to be associated in an alliance with three other clans. Three other clans were: the Armstrongs, the Elliots and the Nixons. These four names were counted among the main English names in County of Fermanagh.

Today, this name is mostly found in the County of Antrim than the county of Fermanagh. A crozier or crosier also means a staff in the office of a ranking officer who was the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican and Lutheran. It has a Germanic origin and is taken from the word crosse.

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