What Does Decisive Mean?


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Decisive is used as adjective and it describes the power to decide. When something is decisive, that situation or thing has a power to decide. Decisiveness is characterized by firmness. A person, who is decisive, is said to be resolute. When something is decisive, it is also said to be unmistakable. For example: a decisive defeat. This example explains that the defeat was unquestionable and obvious. Other such examples could be: a decisive vote or a conclusive reason. Such things have the power to influence an outcome.

Absolute, assured, definitive, positive, fateful, final, firm, certain, crucial, decided, bent, crisp, critical, forceful, imperative, definite are some of the words that could be used for decisive. Other words that are synonymous to decisive could be: actual, categorical, infallible, precise, unambiguous, undeniable, unequivocal, unmitigated and unquestionable.

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