What Does Canny Mean?


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A canny person is one who is cagey and puts his or her own personal interests as a priority over those of the others, even when he is dealing with other people at large. A canny operator is a clever and shrewd operator.

The Canny edge detection operator is a mathematical operator which was developed by John F. Canny in the year 1986. It uses algorithms at multiple levels to detect edges. This operator is capable of detecting a wide range of edges. Canny's other most important contribution to the field of mathematics is the theory which shows the computation of the detection of edges. This theory explains the working of the technique.

The algorithm developed by Canny for the detection of optimal edges works is able to produce any one of the following three results, namely good detection (that is, when the algorithm can detect as many real edges in an image as possible), good localisation (that is, the detected edges are located as close as possible to those in the real image) and minimal response (that is, when the edge in an image is detected only once without creating any false edges.) False edges may be created to the noise of the image.

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