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Cuckold is currently used in two senses.

In traditional usage, a cuckold is a man whose wife has been having an extramarital affair. It only applied to men because it was bound-up with retrograde notions of male ownership of women. (In the 16th and 17th centuries, women in analogous situations were sometimes called "cuckqueans," but this word is considered archaic today.) To be made a cuckold was considered an extreme humiliation as it implied that you were such a weak loser that you could even protect you most intimate possession from "theft." (To call a man a cuckold is a traditional insult in Europe akin to the contemporary "f--- you." It even has it's own hand gesture.)

Modern fetish cuckolding is a form of BDSM role-play in which a committed couple eroticizes the conditioned fears and cultural baggage they have about gender roles, sexual fidelity, and emotional intimacy in the relationship. If the play moves beyond the couple's fantasy bedroom talk to involve people it may be considered a form of swinging or polyamory depending on your definitions of those things and the specifics of the outside relationships. But what distinguishes fetish cuckolding from other forms of multiple partner sex is that the man is deriving a sexual thrill from the emotional and/or psychological pain of the idea that his wife is having sex with another. If there isn't some sexual thrill related to feelings of shame about that; to the notion that he is deprived, cheated, failing, etc. It isn't cuckolding. (So, for instance, people truly committed emotionally to "free love" cannot be fetish cuckolded, as they do not feel any sense of jealousy, humiliation, or loss at the idea of their usual partner having sex with others.)

The key difference between fetish cuckolding and the traditional usage (which is still standard outside of the fetish and alternative lifestyle communities) is that the man (1) a knowing and willing/accepting accomplice in the arrangement, (2) getting sexual and/or psychological gratification from it. In traditional usage, a man who knew of and was at peace with his wife's continuing infidelity was called a "wittol" (From "wise," in the sense of knowing, cuckold.) That this word is not used in fetish cuckolding emphasizes its BDSM aspect; part of the fun is the idea of compulsion to her desires, or a better ("real") man, or your own base uncontrollable needs, etc. In another interesting modernization from traditional usage, the woman is described as having "cuckolded" her man, whereas traditionally the woman's new paramour would be described as the active party – "I've been cuckolded by Arthur the fishmonger" – the wife being regarded more as property. Although the cuckold prototypically (and usually) refers to a married couple where the wife has sex outside the marriage, the evolution of relationships in our time has led to its extension to non-married couples, same sex couples, and even to situations where the man is the polygamous partner. While any committed couple can play kinky psych games with trust and intimacy, however, only a situation of male submission unlocks the deep cultural baggage of the meaning of masculinity that is at the heart of the fetish.
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A cuckold is defined as man whose wife has been unfaithful to him and committed adultery. To cuckold, in other words, is defined as to cheat on. It is generally a term used when one' is unfaithful to one's spouse or partner in marriage. The word cuckold is a highly insulting, pejorative and derogatory term.

A man whose wife is a cuckold is helpless, hapless, humiliated, harassed and has to live with the stigma of being the partner in marriage of a promiscuous woman. People whose wives are cuckolds are often mocked or taunted for being unable to stop the womenfolk from straying and cheating on their husbands, and the women are taunted for their infidelity.

Men whose wives are cuckolds are often associated with cowardice and are mildly termed as henpecked husbands. A cure for a cuckold is a play co-written by William Rowley and John Webster. It was first performed in the year 1624 and printed in the year 1661.
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That is a husband whose wife has had sex with another man
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For was a chance to....act on my bi sexual let the wife be with other men....just  so I could ...give him a bj
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Your spelling is incorrect:

To cuckold (or be cuckolded) is to

deceive, two-time (informal), cheat, betray, step out (informal), or play away (UK, informal), play the fool . . .  Another person; or, in the passive tense, to be on the receiving end of same.

He found himself cuckolded so often he grew hesitant to trust people. Save your breath, I'll not be cuckolded by the likes of you.
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My wife has cuckholded me on several occasions.  Where she has had sex with another man with my consent, with and without me being present. 

I am very comfortable with this.

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Could cuckholding also be way for a bi-curious man to get his rocks off...? Using the woman in between himself and the other male partner to cross swords...?

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