What Does Auger Mean?


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An auger is an instrument used to move materials or liquids by rotating helical flighting. It is also the word used to describe a variety of hand tools which have a cross handle and a threaded shank. They are used to bore holes in ice or wood. An auger is also the name of a drill bit.

To lift water from a river or a lake an Archimedes screw is used as an auger. Augers are also used by snow blowers to shift the snow closer to an impeller after which it is thrown in to a discharge chute. An auger is also made use of by a Zamboni for the purpose of removing loose ice particles from its surface. A plumber's snake is a flexible auger used by plumbers in order to get rid of any obstructions in pipes. An auger is also used for agricultural purposes. A grain auger is used to transport grain to storage bins from grain carts and trucks.

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