What Does Captivity Mean?


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Captivity is not actually held in a caged and the animal doesnot have the will to do anything. Captivity can be a park, zoo or large space where the animal roams around .They can even breed. Captivity can be temporarily depending on the reason the animal have been captivated. May be due to illness or extinction. Once he recovers or the number of species reach a sustainable level the can be liberated.
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Captivity is the circumstance of being detained forcefully. When one is enslaved and does not possess any free will to do anything, he is said to be held captive. A captive is often confined to a limited amount of space.

Captivity can mean two things, slavery or being imprisoned. When one is a captive slave he is forced to work for the captivator for free.

It is usually very tough to escape from captivity. Animals in zoos are under captivity.

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