What Does Carbine Mean?


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A carbine is a kind of a rifle, light in weight with a small and short barrel. It is different to a normal rifle in that it is shorter than and not as powerful as a musket or rifle. Most carbines are developments of rifles, as they use the same kind of ammunition, only with not as much magnitude.

The earliest carbines were mainly weapons used by the cavalry or firearms attached to saddles for mounted soldiers. They ranged from the muzzle-loaded muskets (eighteenth century), to the lever enabled repeaters (nineteenth century).

In the course of World War II, varieties of the carbine like semiautomatic rifles were used by soldiers and those in the artillery. The AK-47 is a new-age assault rifle that is a variation of the carbine. It is generally used in fighting within close range.

Carbines are disadvantageous sometimes in the sense that, they usually have reduced accuracy for long range shooting.
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Ak-47 is not new age it's one of the longest standing assault rifles along with the m-16

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