What Does Botch Mean?


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The word botch means to make a mistake while performing some task. Such mistakes are more or less the result of clumsiness on the part of the performer of the task. The word itself when used in a sentence is used to show that either out of clumsiness or ineptitude the task being performed has been harmed in someway or that due to the said ineptitude will fail to give the desired result.

Examples of botch used in sentences:
"I botched up the stew and now we will have to order dinner."
"He botched up the carburetor while trying to clean it himself; we're going to have to pay a bomb to get it fixed."

The word botch can be written as botched, botching and botches. Words similar to botch would include bungle and fumble. The former however is a more likely synonymy. There are certain slang and derogative words used in place of botch in everyday use.

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