Who Was Helios?


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Helios was the Sun God in Greek mythology. He is also known as Helius and was often referred to as Titan or Hyperion by the scholar Homer.

Helios' parents were Hyperion and Theia and Helios has two other siblings' goddess Selene, the moon and Eos, the dawn

Helios was said to be a very handsome god who was crowned with the sun's shining aureole of the sun. He was seen as the god who drove the chariot across the sky. It was once seen by Homer as being drawn by solar bulls while Pindar described Helius' chariot as being drawn by 'fire-darting steeds.' The horses were later named as Aethon, Pyrois, Phlegon and Aeos. During the later years he came to be identified with Apollo, the God of light.

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