How Do You Say 'How Are You Doing' In French?


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There are many different ways to ask someone how they're doing in French.

The Most Common Way To Say 'How Are You Doing?' in French

- "Comment ca va?" or just "Ca va?" is the most frequently-used way of asking someone how they're doing in French. It's pronounced (commo(n)) sa va? and traslates as "How's it going?"

To a Friend, or Someone of the Same Age

- "Comment vas-tu?" is pronounced common(n) va tu? and means "How are you doing?"

- "Tu vas bien?" is pronounced tu va bien? and means "Are you doing well?"

In a More Formal or Professional Situation (To a Teacher, Member of Staff, Stranger or Distant Relative)

- "Comment allez- vous?" - be careful with this one; you can hear the T in "comment" at the start of "allez." In French, the letter T is usually silent at the end of a word, unless the next word begins with a vowel. Consequently, "Comment allez-vous?" is pronounced common tallay voo? and means "How are you doing?"

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Well it depends in what context,

if you mean how are you?
Then it would be ca va?

But if you mean how are you doing as in how are you getting on with that job I gave you it would be comment faites vous? For someone you don't know very well or someone older than you
comment faites tu? For someone you are comfortable with or same age group.... Also if you get stuck again with translations try....

hope this helps.

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