How Do You Say 'And You Too' In French?


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The literal French translation of "And you too" is "et toi aussi" if you know the person well, or "et vous aussi" if you don't.

However, the phrase you're probably looking for is "à toi aussi," which translates as "at you too," but is used in the way we would use "and you too."

Examples Of How You Might Use "And You Too" In French
  • "Bonne chance!" "A toi aussi!" = "Good luck!" "You too!"
  • "Bonnes vacances!" "A toi aussi!" = "Enjoy your vacation!" "And you too!"

Basically, you'd use "à toi aussi" to reciprocate the good wishes that you've received. It's a lot less clunky than just repeating what the person has just said - and you don't risk sounding like a parrot, either!

If the relationship between you and the person you're talking to is a professional one, or you don't know the person very well, you should use "vous" instead. This would make the phrase "à vous aussi".
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To say you too in French (I will spell it phonetically) is twa oc
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Et toi.
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Et toi is how you say "and you" in French.

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