What Does Bryan Mean In Greek?


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Your question is a little confusing. I suppose you think your name Bryan is of Greek Origin and thus you want to know what it means. However, the name Bryan is does not come from the Greek language. It is basically an Irish name of Celtic origin and it means "Strong" or "High". For reference see the link below"
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As "Bryan" is not a greek name, it has no greek meaning.

The name "Bryan" is a variant of "Brian" which is of Irish and English origin, which possibly comes from an old Celtic world that means "noble" or "high". The name became popular in Ireland from the King Brian Boru, who was a 10th century high king of Ireland.
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Yes to your meaning... Bre/Bri = High, Noble... And the yan = hill...He who sits above or high on the other words, King is its assumed meaning. There are absoultely NO English origins to this. Ethnologically and etymologically the Celts and their language of which Irish is a main off shoot, were not related to the Anglo Saxons or English. Even today in Ireland, the name is pronounced Bree-an.

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