How Do You Say 'Something' In French?


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The French for "something" is quelque chose.


'Quelque chose' is pronounced kel-ker shoze. The letter Q in French makes the same sound as the letter K (or a hard C) does in English, and the digraph 'ch' makes a 'sh' sound.

Variations and Similar Phrases

- Le/la même chose (le/la mem shoze) = The same thing

- Autre chose (oh-truh shoze) = Something else

- Quelque part (kel-ker par) = Somewhere

- Quelqu'un(e) (kel-kun(e)) = Somebody

- Le truc (le truke) OR le machin (le mashan (soft n))= the thingy/what's-it-called/whatsit (informal)

Online Translators

If you want to translate words from English to French (or indeed, any other languages) then online translators such as Google and can be useful resources.

However, it's worth keeping in mind that although the translation may be literal, it may not be right - for example, if you type "I had jam on toast for breakfast" into a translator, you'll get "J'ai eu un bourrage sur du pain grillé pour le petit-déjeuner." In English, this means "I have had a blockage on some toast for breakfast," so be careful!

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French word for 'something' is 'quelque chose'. If you want to say 'something else' in French, you say 'autre chose'. If you want to say 'some other things' then you say 'quelques autres choses'. If you need to say basic things in French, here are some that you might find useful:
où est la salle de bains? – Where is the bathroom? combien est-ce que je te dois ? – How much do I owe you? je parle très peu français. parlez-vous anglais ? - I speak very little french. Do you speak english? pouvez vous me dire la direction pour…… - can you tell me the direction for …… pouvez-vous svp m'aider ? je suis perdu - can you please help me? I am lost
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You can go on yahoo translator and click on english-french and type in anything you wish to say and it wil translate for you.

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