How Do You Say 'Nobody' In French?


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In French, “nobody” is personne, but only when you use it without an article - personne means the complete opposite if you put la or une in front of it, so be careful!

Using Personne In French
  • Personne = “nobody”
  • La personne = “the person”
  • Une personne = “a person”
As you can see, adding an article can totally change the meaning of the word. This can be pretty confusing at first, but it's no different from English, really - you wouldn't say "the nobody"!

Using “Nobody” In A Sentence
  • Il n’y a personne comme lui! = “There’s nobody like him!”
  • Je l’ai dit à personne = “I  told nobody” or “I didn’t tell anyone”
  • J’ai trouvé personne = “I found nobody” or “I didn’t find anybody”
Using “The Person” Or “A Person” In A Sentence
  • La personne que j’admire le plus = “the person I admire the most”
  • Une personne très chère à mon coeur = “a person very dear to my heart”
Hopefully this has cleared things up a bit for you, and good luck speaking French!

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