How Do You Say, 'You Are So Handsome' In French?


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A compliment always sounds nice to the person it is directed towards, but very rarely does a male get complimented for his good looks and personality!

Here are a few ways to compliment your beau in French:
  • You are so handsome - vous êtes si beau / tu es si beau
  • You are good-looking - vous êtes beau / tu es beau
  • You have beautiful eyes - vous avez de beaux yeux / tu as de beax yeux
  • You are cute - vous êtes mignon / tu es mignon
  • You are an amazing man - vous êtes un homme étonnant / tu es un homme étonnant
  • I adore you - Je vous adore / Je t'adore
  • I love you - Je vous aime / Je t'aime
If you want to go that extra mile, then try the following:
  • Are you busy this Saturday? - est-ce que vous êtes occupé ce samedi? / est-ce que tu es occupé ce samedi?
  • Would like to have dinner with me? - voulez-vous dîner avec moi? / veux-tu diner avec moi?
Please note that all the above translations that use "vous" are formal, whereas the "tu" form is what you'd use to somebody you know!
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If you are addressing a man, you would probably say: Vous êtes si beau (formal) or Tu es si beau (casual) which basically means "you are very handsome." However, this is used primarily in literature, and is rarely said to a man.

If you are talking to a younger man, boy or boyfriend, you would probably use tu es mignon! which means "You're cute!"
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I think you made a mistake.
"Tu es SI beau" = "You are SO handsome".
"Tu es TRÈS beau" = "You are VERY handsome".
(: (5 years after ^^)
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Tu es très beau.
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"Handsome" in French is beau.
At this page in blurtit someone else asked a similar question and the responses are listed:
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Beau is how you say "handsome", "pretty" and "nice" in French. Just depends on context.
Pronounced: Boe

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