How Do You Say 'Please' In French?


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In French, please is either s'il vous plaît or s'il te plaît, depending on how well you know the person you're saying it to. The literal translation is: "If it pleases you."
When To Use S'il Vous Plaît
  • To people you've never met before
  • When addressing more than one person
  • To people older than you
  • To people superior to you in a professional or educational environment
  • To people in a position of greater power than yourself
  • To anyone to whom you want to seem formal and polite
When To Use S'il Te Plaît
  • To those younger than you
  • To family
  • To friends
  • To others on online game services, such as Xbox LIVE or PSN.
This is the general rule for when to "tutoyer" and when to "vousvoyer," but don't worry too much if you get it wrong occasionally. If you're learning French as a second language, most people will be understanding of any little mistakes, and will just be pleased that you're trying your best!
Pronunciation Guide
  • S'il vous plaît - sill voo play
  • S'il te plaît - sill tuh play
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S'il vous plait-this is used in formal speaking or when addressing a large group of people or persons in authority of you.

S'il te plait-this is used when addressing people you know very well for example friends
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"S'il vous plaît" is the formal way of saying "please" in French. The informal way of saying "please" is "S'il te plaît."   hope this helps

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