How Do I Say How Are You In Japanese?


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You say it like this
0-genki desu-ka
at least that's what my L.O.T.E teacher taught me
and the 'you' in "desu" is silent!!!
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You can say 'kon ni ti ha' to any person you first meet. Or you can say 'gen ki de su ka?' to your friends.

Have fun in japan. Its an amazing place, especially tokyo!
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Noo when you first meet somebody you say hajimemashite (nice to meet you ) .. N there is no "ti" in Japanese
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You can say "元気ですか"
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How are you in Japanese is "Gen Ki Desu ka"
I am half Japanese so I know a lot of Japanese!
Have fun in Japan! It's a great country!
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I have a foreign exchange student form japan at our school I guess I could ask her

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